EdPuzzle Online Teaching and Learning Resources

EdPuzzle is a free assessment tool that enables teachers and students to incorporate open-ended or multiple-choice questions, audio notes, audio tracks, or comments into interactive online videos. Edpuzzle  interactive videos can be made using videos from websites such as YouTube, TED, Vimeo, and National Geographic.

EdPuzzle is an excellent formative assessment tool for teachers who use a flipped classroom, assign videos as homework, or want to promote asynchronous communication. Students can also use Edpuzzle to demonstrate whether or not they met their goals at the end of the semester.

Teachers can create online classes in  Edpuzzle  by uploading original videos or selecting online videos, adding interactive features, assigning those videos to students, and sending video assignments to students’ email addresses by providing either an access code or a link. Teachers can use  Edpuzzle to keep track of how many students watched the video, what percentage of the video students watched, when they watched it, and which questions in the video students answered correctly or incorrectly.

What are the best features of Edpuzzle?

When making a video in  Edpuzzle , you can embed links, insert images, create formulas, and insert rich text as needed. In  Edpuzzle the finished video can then be embedded into an LMS system. Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, Powerschool, or Blackbaud are all supported at the time of publication, as well as Google Classroom and others. It is also simple to embed on a blog or website while using  Edpuzzle .

Projects is a fantastic feature that allows teachers to assign a task to students that requires them to create videos.  Edpuzzle the class to add annotations to a video experiment, explaining what is happening at each stage. This could be from a teacher-filmed experiment or something already available online.

Prevent Skipping is a useful feature that prevents students from skipping ahead and forces them to watch the video as it plays in order to work through and answer the questions as they appear.  Edpuzzle  intelligently pauses the video if a student begins playing it and then tries to open another tab – it will not play in the background because it forces them to watch.

According to studies, students pay three times more attention to a familiar voice, so the ability to embed your voice is an extremely useful feature of  Edpuzzle 

What is the price of Edpuzzle?

Edpuzzle  has three pricing options: free, pro teacher, and schools and districts.

Teachers and students can sign up for free plans that provide access to over 5 million videos as well as the ability to create lessons with questions, audio, and notes. Teachers can view detailed analytics and store up to 20 videos on  Edpuzzle.

Everything mentioned above about  Edpuzzle  is included in the Pro Teacher plan, as well as unlimited storage space for video lessons and priority customer support. This is charged monthly at the rate of $11.50.

Schools and Districts is a quote-based option that includes Pro Teacher for everyone, all teachers on the same secure streaming platform, district-wide streamlined curriculum, and a dedicated School Success Manager to help train teachers and work on LMS integration.