Couple Captured For Taking Baby From Government Emergency Clinic In Odisha

The robbery occurred on Monday night and the couple was captured yesterday, Cuttack appointee magistrate of police Pinak Misra said.

Cuttak, Odisha: An infant was taken from the ICU of state-run SCB Clinical School and Clinic in Cuttak and the police has captured a couple for attempting to paint the burglary as a child trading case, authorities said today.

The robbery occurred on Monday night and the couple was captured yesterday, Cuttack delegate magistrate of police Pinak Misra said.

The lady was captured after she went to the clinic yesterday and guaranteed that she had brought forth a child kid yet on arriving at home after her release on Monday found that she had taken with her a baby young lady. She likewise delivered a release testament of the clinic to make her statement.

Mr Misra and the clinic official said that the release endorsement was viewed as a phony and the lady was viewed in the medical clinic CCTV film as emerging from the ICU conveying the newborn child and strolling down the passageway.

He said that the lady had entered the ICU by asserting that her infant was going through treatment there and left it with the taken baby when the watchman was absent at the exit.

The medical clinic regulatory official Abinash Defeat said that a lady from Puri locale was owned up to the emergency clinic on Thursday and had brought forth twin little girls on Sunday. As one of the two babies was viewed as experiencing baby jaundice, she was moved to the ICU for treatment on Monday night.

Nonetheless, in no less than ten minutes emergency clinic medical attendants had raised an alert that the infant was absent from the ICU.

He expressed that on checking subtleties in the implied release declaration it was viewed as a phony and that the one who had created it was not confessed to the emergency clinic by any means for conveyance.

The emergency clinic had stopped a composed protest with the Mangalabag police headquarters and the couple was captured, the police said.

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